Month: December 2021

Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Dec 30, 2021

#160| +Shawn Alexander (by request!)| Capitalism/Economic Teeter Totter| AI- Be Afraid| Omicron < Delta?| Busta CEO Move| Supply Chain Disruption| Feed The Squirrels| Sh*tLoads of TP| Time's a Changin| Good Kinda Stress| NFT's Wha?| Blocking EV Chargers| Rewards/Freq Fliers| Dopamine Lollipops| Spate is a Spate| Piggly WaWa| *Being Ricardos*| *Maid*| *Real American Douchebags: Mr Lightweight NYE Drinker*

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Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Dec 24, 2021

#159| Merry Christmas 2021| Christmas Cards/PDFs| God Said “Tesla”| Covid Tests @Home| Current Photo Please| Radical Centrism| Broadband Jones| Greedy States of America| Go Fund Yourself!| Bob’s Body – Bob’s Choice| One-Pump Chump| Vax Junky| Minimum Wage| Vax 4 Kids Sake| Free E-Gas| Twisted Christmas Tunes: *Holidaze (S’cuse Me, I’ve got Gifts to Buy)* / *Sled Zeppelin (Oh HoHoHo HoHo)*

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Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Dec 16, 2021

#158| +Andrew Rivers| Virginia is4 Lovers| Founding Fathers -> Bad Dads| Stripper Whisperer| Andrew.. Gay?| Turo – CarBNB| American [Musket] History| Young DJ Shenanigans| Jonathan Edwards Performance| The New Old World| Tesla Model 3| DIEt Soda| Mmm Baconnn| BRIC| Sponsored by Tesla| Cory Michaelis| Chuck Martin| Les Garland| Twisted Tunes: *You Gotta Wash Your Hands*

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Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Dec 9, 2021

#157 | +Spike O’Neill | BZEK Podcast -> Vodcast! | Jonathan Edwards / BRIC Concert | Spots- On The Spot | School Shooter Parents | Omicron (aa·muh·kraan) | Murder Rates, Guns & More Guns | True Cost of Hoarding | Wars Remembered, Mostly | Half Heart Attack | DIY Science | Check Your Nuts | Dr John Campbell | Alan White | Randy Hansen | Twisted Tunes: *Holidaze* / *Clean The Cat Box* / *Cleaning Out The Fridge* / *Clean The Aquarium*

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Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Dec 2, 2021

#156 | +Spike O’Neill | +Donovan Burkhart | Omicron (OhMyCron/Ahmicron) | E-Cars/Chevy Bolt | All *BREAKING NEWS* | Religion Trumpin Democracy | Seahawks.. BRB | Donovan Plane Crash Update | Twisted Tune @TikTok /WTF is TikTok | Diss’n South Africa | Ed’s Off-Off Broadway | Canadian Syrup Report | Twisted Tune: *The Restroom Door Said Gentleman* | Twisted Tune: *I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas*

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