Twisted Christmas

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Twisted Christmas

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Twisted Christmas Library


Playlist:Twisted Christmas

  1. The Twelve Pains of Christmas Bob Rivers 3:37
  2. The Chimney Song Bob Rivers 2:06
  3. We Wish You Weren't Living With Us Bob Rivers 0:46
  4. Wreck the Malls Bob Rivers 2:02
  5. A Visit From St. Nicholson Bob Rivers 4:30
  6. O Come All Ye Grateful Deadheads Bob Rivers 1:24
  7. I'm Dressin' Up Like Santa (When I Get Out on Parole) Bob Rivers 3:08
  8. The Restroom Door Said, "Gentlemen" Bob Rivers 1:34
  9. Foreigners Bob Rivers 2:09
  10. Joy to the World Bob Rivers 1:23
  11. A Message From The King Bob Rivers 2:19

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Twisted Christmas

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