Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Nov 12, 2021

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Bob is in Palm Springs, Zip in Massachusetts, and Ed in Detroit.

We tackle buzz words like “Triggered” “Gaslighting”, and “Woke”. We note that there are already accurate words to describe these things. But it’s important to learn how we flip each other off in contemporary terms.

None of us even know what a SPAC is, but Donald Trump has one, and it’s a big deal.

INFLATION has been rearing its ugly head. What causes it? (Hint: 2 years of rolling the printing presses of free cash, and a pandemic that created huge demand for low supply didn’t help).

Zip randomly starts talking about Tom Selleck, and we guess his Net Worth.

We are saddened by the passing of Moody Blues Drummer Graeme Edge.

Stay tuned after the Twisted Tune for a classic Bob Spike and Joe interview with the Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer.

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