Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Jan 14, 2022

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A lively improv conversation with the full team: Bob, Zip, Ed Kelly and Spike.

We tribute Bob Saget (RIP) with some of his dirtiest jokes.

Bob’s in California with his sons Keith and Andrew, who are hot tubbing with the rich and famous.

What are the rules for not staring at hot people on the beach?

Inflation for Dummies. What it is and the harsh medicine that beats it. It’s actually simple, but painful.

And it only took 2 years for the CDC to agree with Bob- N95 masks rock. Zip eschews fancy masks and leaves his nose hanging out because he refuses to let his glasses get fogged up.

We close the show with a classic Spike ‘documentary song’ about southern California, and a Bo Burnham tutorial on “How The World Works”.

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#162 | +Spike O’Neill | Bob Saget RIP | Squeaky Clean & Oh So Filthy | Monte Nido/Pinky Extended | Glancing ~ Gawking | Name-Droppin/Elbow-Rubbin/LA Style | Inflation How-To | Covid/N-95/Flying | Designated Dryer | New/Old Vegas | Tesla, Baby! | Nose Penis/Mask Sac | Present Irrelevance | Virtue Signaling | Chicken F’n Parmesan | Twisted Tune: Take a Walk on the US-Side | Bo Burnham: How the World Works

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