Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Jan 21, 2022

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Audio Only:

Ed Kelly is off this week as he’s in serious rehearsals for a play.

Computer glitches remind us that technology is always temporary. Zip enjoys watching Bob have tech issues.

The Grandkids have covid, but looks like Bob dodged the bullet.

Spike actually defends Mitch McConnell for a few seconds, and Bob says Joe Biden is a decent Republican President.

We briefly debate voting rights, but decide to take a no politics oath for the rest of the podcast.

So we talk about the Disney movie Encanto, which Bob watched with his granddaughters, who’ve only seen it 13 times before.

Will 5G crash airplanes?

Dexter: New Blood. Spike is a Dexter fan, so how to review it without giving anything away?

We dedicate a Twisted Tune to Baristas in Seattle, and another to fellow Vaxxaholics.

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