Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Jul 9, 2022

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Tami Asars is an author and artist who is about to do the trifecta, as she hikes over 2000 miles on the Appalachian trail this summer for 4+ months. She will carry a phone, post journey updates to her Instagram and check in with us through the summer.

Bob reviews 2 Las Vegas shows, one with brutal honesty. The other is among the best shows he’s seen in a lifetime. The Australian Bee Gees, and WOW! Las Vegas.

Is Ed ghosting us? Enquiring minds want to know.

Have you ever hired organizers to help you set up your house? There’s an App for that, as there is for just about everything.

Spike talks to his daughter honestly about drugs, and shares more good radio news.

Zip plans a hike to the refrigerator 3 times tonight in her honor.

We close with Jeff Kathan drumming on a classic Bob’s Garage recording with Paul Rodgers.

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