Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Sep 6, 2022

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Bob and Zip toss around a sensitive subject for 30 minutes.

If you knew child labor made a product, would you stop buying it? Get ready to throw out a lot of your shit.

How a “news” story leaves out most of the facts. And why.

The legal weed industry is a 32 Billion Dollar business. So why is it losing money?

Spike and the Impalers played a gig that almost didn’t happen, until a white knight stepped in.

We close with What If God Smoked Cannabis, and a Spike and The Impalers cover of a ZZ Top classic.

#184 | +Spike O’Neill | The New Industrial Revolution | Old White Guy Topics | Cobalt/Amber/Chocolate/Diamonds | Nubs Up! | Uncle Ed | Dory Monson | Can’t Quit Politics | Probiotics | Weed in the Red | Emily McGuire | Radio Beach | Lots of People are saying… | Spike’s Awesome Gig | KISW | Toe Jam | Twisted Tune: What If God Smoked Cannabis | Spike & The Impalers: Waiting for the Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago

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