Lights-Camera?-Action! Faces for Radio – BZEK Livestream v.2

by | Dec 9, 2022 | Podcasts | 1 comment

Audio Only:

We are all getting used to the new web interface (and seeing each other’s faces too). Bob and Zip start the show live from the big island of Hawaii and Worcester, MA. Ed Kelly and Spike O’Neill soon join in from Detroit and Seattle.

Ed Kelly is making a killing this Holiday Season, in costume. But he’s no mall Santa- He’s the Grinch! It’s a serious costume (like being an alien in a Star Wars movie).

Yes, there is an active volcano erupting, and it’s not far from Bob… he can see it on his way to Starbucks. But there are bigger ash holes on television news, and Bob found himself sucked into live coverage of the Georgia Senate runoff.

We start to talk about the “Fake” drama we’re subjected to in media land, where everything is an emergency and the population is divided just about neatly 50-50. Could it be that we’re being manipulated? Spike is having none of it, his side is right, and the other side is immoral.

Remember when you cut the cord, to stop seeing commercials and pay for just the TV channels you needed? Well, the more things change, the more they end up exactly the same. Now most premium streamers are running commercials, with tiered pricing… and they are “bundling”. So it’s going to end up like having 4 cable subscriptions!

Bob has been watching Fox News and using Twitter, something no one else on the show will do, since they all love their echo chambers. Guess who he’s following?

The preceding paragraph has been a blatant example of “trolling”.

Andrew Rivers hops on to visit with his very long hair. Dad tries to bait him with how tough it is to be a white male in comedy. Andrew artfully dodges that land mine. His revenge is when he explains to his Dad that the “Twin Peaks” Restaurant that he and Mom wandered into in Nevada has nothing to do with the ancient TV show shot in North Bend, WA.

We close the podcast with a very tacky Twisted Tune about a restaurant similar to Twin Peaks.

Now that we’re streaming live, listeners get to comment in real time (or you can still use email to

Coming soon: listeners video calling in live.

Dev Note: We’re not yet pushing video episodes to the Podcast distribution services, as we’ve still a couple issues to work out. Regardless, you can find this and all future Livestream/video episodes on YouTube, at  under ‘Videos’ or the ‘Live’ tabs.

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