Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas 2022! – Bob & Zip with Ed Kelly – Livestream Video

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Audio Only:

Argentina is the happiest place on Earth. Pedro and Luciana Bartes join us live from Argentina, where they are drinking heavily and waving flags to celebrate the World Cup victory. We celebrate their US Citizenship,

Livestream #4 shows off Ed Kelly’s podcast studio set- and to see him do his voices adds a new dimension.

Songs we could never do today. Spike talks about how being woke would have negated much of our classic humor.

He also rants about being called a Libtard. I think he embraces it as much as my electrician Steve loved being a Deplorable. Interesting how insults lose their power when you “take back the word” and wear it as a badge of honor.

This week we add a new segment, Positive Law. It features attorney Shawn Alexander and a listener (anonymous- fake name) who has been off the tax grid for 15 years and wants to get come clean and get his taxes filed.

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On the audio podcast, we close with a Twisted Tune written and performed by our handi-capable listeners – we could not probably make it today. Plus a few Twisted Christmas classics.

Bob guests on 77 WABC New York to talk about Twisted Christmas, we reminisce about Rush Limbaugh, who was a huge fan:

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