Executive Function & Lizard Brains | Radio Star Resurrection | Bob & Zip w/Ed Kelly – Livestream

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What’s the difference between executive function, and your lizard brain? Better known as the ‘Reptilian Brain’, responsible for the “4-F’s” of primal responses to stimuli — Fight, Flight, Food and Fornication. (The 4-F’s have been debated over the years.. we’re sticking with the above for purposes here)

About Rush Limbaugh, his style, his brain and how he captivated reptilian brains. Of course, Ed Kelly flexes his best Rush impression muscles.. and many others.

Did the Internet kill the radio star? Maybe, but Bob knows how to bring the radio star back to life. It’s a billion-dollar idea he was pitching to Apple years ago. He’s giving it away here, for free! (You’re welcome, Spotify)

Also, Eddie Van Halen’s brain, dementia, mental challenges, and more.

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Find it at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLh-pzUIm-U or https://bobrivers.com/thebobandzipshow_20230125

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