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Bob is coming to you live from Springfield, VT. This week, from the Black River Innovation Campus, next week live from the Sugar House. What a contrast from Las Vegas to the small town of Homer Simpson (True Fact)

Despite some choppy faces, audio ins-outs ups-downs, echos… Ed only managing to make his appearance via a single comment… Zip finally getting his dial-up modem connected in the last 15 minutes – and damn-near abandoning the Livestream altogether – we powered thru to present the good, bad & the f’ugly.

Is your livelihood endangered by AI? Will we all be replaced by Mr Roboto?

Major League Baseball is implementing timers for pitchers and batters to pick up the pace. Is baseball falling victim to this “TIK TOK world” of short attention spans?

Is there enough diversity within the Bob and Zip Podcast? Is there any female or minority willing to work with us?

Spike is going to see Bruce Springsteen tonight! Will this be the last time? Spike shares just how much impact Bruce has had in his world.

Luciana Bartes drops-in to share the latest with her and Pedro, diversity & Conservative Christian Radio. Bob adds his thoughts about ‘old white men’

N5FW ish – Bob gets TMI about sexy-time ????

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