Spotify’s AI DJ- Womp Womp | Comedian: Andrew Rivers | SVB Collapse- FR

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A major announcement by Spotify that couldn’t be worse. Instead of giving real people access to the platform to be influencers and curators of music, they announce their new AI DJ. It is so bad, we mock it mercilessly. Can AI do that?

Bob Rivers, Zip Zipfel, and Ed Kelly… with special guests Spike O’Neill, Shawn Alexander, and Comedian; Andrew Rivers (@andrewjrivers).

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank could lead to contagion. No matter how much you hate seeing rich people bailed out, it has to happen. Blame the banks, blame the regulators, but don’t forget the Fed has been trying to “break” something by skyrocketing interest rates.

Shawn Alexander’s family owned banks made him quite familiar with this “game” that is played with real money.

Andrew Rivers has taken a 5 day break from Cannabis… which leads to a little frank father son dialogue about moderation and addiction. We’re just scratching the surface. Dad uses and has used Cannabis again for neuropathy, nausea, etc. That’s medical, but admittedly a gummy makes music sound incredible.

So what’s moderation? When do you cross the line and become a Stoner? I suspect part 2 of this discussion is coming next week.

Tyson Chicken is closing factories, because of low profit margins. We’re all worried this will affect our god given right to “cheap eats”.

Can you imagine Eminem doing a rap about cats? We’ll help you with that.

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