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Drew and Bob interview each other in this special edition of Bob and Zip w/Ed Kelly. In part, for the industry voters in the 2023 Radio Hall Of Fame. Read Bob’s Bio, at bobrivers.com (https://bobrivers.com)

Drew (https://www.youtube.com/@DrewandMikeShow) asks the follow up questions.

Yes, Bob was Nude in one of these fables. And the true story is publicly told here for the first time.

Yes, Bob and Zip were courted big time by major markets. Why Zip wouldn’t leave, and Bob, who is a huge fan of fellow nominee Charles Laquidera, may have benefitted from competitor WBCN trying to get the show moved away from Boston. Just hearsay, mind you… but at least 3 Infinity Radio stations (Infinity owned WBCN) came a calling.

Who is Drew Lane? Only one of the most successful morning show hosts in America. He was Bob’s successor at WAAF/Boston (former KISW sister station) His 23 year reign as the #1 morning show on WRIF Detroit never skipped a beat. It continues today with his daily podcast of The Drew and Mike Show.

We are all big fans of Drew. He shares his secrets of success. From starting in the business hoping not to be fired too quickly, to achieving market dominance.

So with 2 hosts and 2 sidekicks to pick on, Bob and Drew take turns interviewing each other, and comparing Zip and Ed stories… like the time Zip had a short vacation to the Betty Ford Clinic.

Just how did huge bands like Blue Oyster Cult and Collective Soul end up playing in Bob’s Garage? That and more true stories from Rock Radio’s Glory Days.

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