The Bob Rivers Show Returns – 2019?!

by | May 24, 2019 | 3 comments

It’s true! Bob, Spike and Joe are going to once again sit behind microphones together! Details soon!

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  1. Bob Rivers

    It’s been almost 5 years since Bob Spike and Joe sounded off on all things important and trivial. Thanks to modern technology, we can now connect and share across the country and even the galaxy. And we’ll be doing something no other podcast does.

    Stay tuned for details!

  2. James Siler

    I look forward to hearing you three again! I listened to you every morning for 20 plus years. I’m still going through withdrawals and don’t listen to anyone in the mornings since you left. Seattle needs your laughter again!

  3. Shelby B

    Congrats Bob on your Radio Hall of Fame Nomination! We have missed you and can’t wait to find out where you land!!!


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