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Steve Fossen, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Bassist and founding member of Heart is still touring and playing all over the country, with his soul mate Somar Macek. Heart by Heart sounds so authentic to the original recordings as they were played in the 70’s, you’ll swear you have travelled in time.

In this overdue podcast, Bob and Spike hang out with Steve and Somar. We dig into what it was like to be a RockStar playing in from of 400,000 fans, the philosophy behind the bands move to Canada, and how the song Magic Man catapulted the band to fame.

Fast forward to modern times. Steve accidentally meets the love of his life, who happens to look and sing remarkably like Ann Wilson. At first he and Somar play Heart songs as a duo, but inevitably they fall in love and get married. (Heart by Heart consists of Fossen, Macek, Heart Hall of Fame drummer Mike Derosier, multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Lizzy Daymont, and guitarist Chad Quist).

If you’ve missed the podcasts (thank you to those who reached out to say so), now that I’ve recovered from chemo, we’re back to make some more. I’m very grateful to all of you who listen.

All of the rare Heart pics and video footage provided by Steve Fossen.

Production by Michael McMorrow (He is the wizard behind the recording, production, and show design. I highly recommend Mike’s white glove service)
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