Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Nov 26, 2021

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Bob reads a historian’s analysis of what the Pilgrims really ate on that first Thanksgiving some 400 years ago.

On the way to a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings, Andrew spots a Military Tank in front of an Armory, leading to a spirited discussion of our history and what it tells us about our species. Sounds like a heavy topic, but we keep it lighthearted.

Our Pandemic update deals with breaking news of a new Covid variant being found in Africa, that just might make us wish we had a plan to vaccinate the entire world. On the other hand, it’s nice to know we’re still working on deflecting asteroids if they get here before the plague.

Bob compares the media spectacle of controversial trials to The Roman Empire’s feeding lions in the Coliseum. As in, not very Fair and Balanced.

Bob and Zip are already deep into the Peter Jackson “Beatles: Get Back” series on Disney plus. It’s fun to watch each Beatle pitch songs to the rest, while one annoying bossy Beatle tries to run the show. I’ll let you guess, but it was not John, George or Ringo.

Andrew Rivers takes his Thanksgiving Break in Vermont and our back porch smells like skunk.

Since we’re in a Beatle mood, we close with a clip of a John Lennon song that did not make “Get Back”, and Spike and the Impalers version of “I Am The Walrus.”

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