Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Jun 18, 2022

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The Bob and Zip show returns after Bob’s medical leave.

Bob doesn’t want to talk about the Cancer, the treatments, or the surgery. But Zip and Spike insist.

Conclusion. Health Care workers are saints and angels. They deserve our love even when there isn’t a pandemic.

On our last show, Spike poured his hert out about how he needed to be back on the radio. We are happy to devote a ton of our gratitude to KIRO FM Radio as he is now a very busy fill in host.

Tom Cruise is back, in case you were thinking about going to a movie theater. Bob saw Top Gun today, and reports that it’s a blockbuster.

How important is sound? Bobs son Keith actually paid to upgrade his Electric Vehicle to have pretend engine noises.

Ed Kelly is MIA tonight. Narcoleptic Ed? Find out next week

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