Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Sep 20, 2022

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We start with what seems like jungle sounds from an African Safari. But no, these are the East Coast woods at night along the Appalachian Trail.

This week Tami Asars is in Pennsylvania walking through land rich with history, and full of bugs.

Spike waxes poetic about driving through New England towns.

Bob has an explanation for why there was no podcast last week, and as you’ll hear… got wonderfully great news in the morning… and was then in the hospital for 3 days. So he does have a note from the doctor, so to speak.

Andrew Rivers is back, and he and Dad are ready to rumble. We riff on everything under the sun, and you get some interesting behind the scenes on becoming a comic “influencer” in 2022.

Emily Maguire, San Diego Radio Star, started her career with a backstage pass on the Bob Rivers Show 20 years ago. We all commiserate with her on her recent “downsizing”, and she artfully pulls no punches.

Don’t ever tell someone you taped a football game and don’t want to know the outcome.

Lastly, a Soundgarden inspired classic twisted tune about fathers and sons seems appropriate to celebrate Andrew’s success!

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