Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Sep 29, 2022

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An intimate conversation this week. Let me know if it’s too “touchy-feely” for you.

Ed Kelley says he’s been thinking about the fact that he never “sired” a child. Zip too. Any regrets? Zip’s fingers are crossed that nothing slipped through the cracks during the professional drinking days.

We talk about Alan and Gigi White, and the celebration of life concert this Sunday at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. Huge lineup of Rock Stars and All Good People to honor this “Gentleman Rock Star”. Bob Rivers will host the event… all proceeds to benefit WhyHunger.

Bob reveals that he was once a member of a cult, but he still has fondness for some of their teachings.

Bob had 2 rough experiences this week. He almost fell for a phone scam aimed at senior citizens… and met the Oncologist from Hell.

Andrew Rivers brings down the average age of our group and waxes poetic about an asteroid hitting the earth.

We close with a drinking days Twisted Tune.

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