Taking Candy Away From Babies – Bob & Zip with Ed Kelly – Livestream Video

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It’s the 2022 year end livestream with Bob Rivers, Spike O’Neill, Shawn Alexander, and comedian Andrew Rivers… Still getting used to seeing each other’s mugs.

We’re taking candy away from babies, conversing about parenting today vs parenting in the old days, and ponder… is it par for the course that the parent/child roles eventually reverse? Andrew has some life lessons for Bob.

Will Trump be indicted? Bob’s not so sure.. ‘for the good of the country’

Isn’t it kinda sus that gas prices just happen to go down right after the midterms? Things that make you go, hmmm ????

Spike doesn’t want to talk politics. Well, at least that was his initial intention. He unleashes on George Santos and a couple other matters in true Spike fashion, but can’t focus because Andrew’s fashion (beautiful hair) is too distracting.

Dealing with scammer calls.. Wait, is it really a scammer? Would a legit gov agency representative chew ass for thinking they might be a scammer?

Why is the US ‘da boss’ of the world? Do we think we rule the world? Are we better than them?

The best thing about E-cars is not ‘not having to put gas in them’. We’ve the good, the bad and the ugly about electric vehicles.. Shawn has some particular thoughts on EV’s.

New entertainment ideas; Andrew floats ‘Netflix for Liberals’ and ‘Jew-ish’ (ala ‘Black-ish’) And Spike comes up with a new Twisted Christmas tune idea on the fly; “I’m Dreaming of Some White- Privilege”

Spike gets real about fam, learning his pronouns, the true meaning of this Christmas and what nearly brought him to tears ❤️

Finally, Bob is going under the knife again, and will be recovering by the time you hear this. But assures it’s relatively routine and has nothing todo with that ‘other/more significant matter’.

Visit Andrew’s YouTube channel: youtube.com/@andrewjrivers

UPDATE: Bob’s surgery went well and is doing fine in recovery!

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