Teacher vs ChatGPT/OpenAI w/Joe Bryant | Taxes- Getting Right with IRS | Bob & Zip w/Ed Kelly

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Special Guest Downtown Joe Bryant tells the story of ChatGPT from the point of view of a High School teacher! Will he be replaced by a Kiosk? Or will it be a useful tool? Joe is diving in.

The Power of Love. It’s not just a Huey Lewis hit. What can we do to make the world a better place? Are we making the most of our time? Bob thinks a lot about this, as he is in Cancer remission, at least for the moment.

The next chapter of “Our Friend Mark”, who is trying to get right by the IRS. An accountant in our audience named Jeremy Saladino*, helps people in this situation. He offers more tips on going legit. If you know anyone off the grid economically, this story. Shawn Alexander chimes in from his legal perspectives.

The Chinese Balloon. US surrounds China with War Machinery while freaking out about balloons.
“A big Chinese balloon in the sky and millions of Chinese TikTok balloons on our phones,” tweeted Senator Mitt Romney. “Let’s shut them all down.” Hmm. Wouldn’t we be just like China if we wanted a closed internet? And why am I supposed to think of China as an enemy? Is it just Bid-Ness?

Plus… Spike O’Neill floats a couple Chinese-balloon-inspired Twisted Tune ideas… We ask ChatGPT some important questions and learn who the ‘most famous Bob Rivers in the world’ is… and we can now see more of Zip’s mug!

We close with a classic ‘Spike & The Impalers’ performance of ‘Guns & Roses/Paradise City’, featuring Kaci Aitchison on vocals! (Kaci was a co-host on The Bob Rivers Show on KZOK before moving on to become anchor/host/reporter at Q13 News)

Listening to the Podcast audio and want to see the video? See it at:
– BobRivers.com – https://bobrivers.com/bob-and-zip-show-20230207 or
– YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Usp7OkRONuM ( Please ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ ???? )

*Jeremy is an Enrolled Agent with ‘Grass CPA & Associates’ and is active in the local chapter of the Washington Association of Accounting and Tax Professionals, a non-profit organization that advocates and educates accounting and tax professionals all over Washington state, serving as both a past Chapter President and currently on the State’s Legislative committee monitoring the Washington State Board of Accountancy to ensure the rights of members of WAATP aren’t restricted.


Jeremy Saladino/Grass CPA & Associates – https://www.GrassCPA.com
Shawn Alexander/Attorney-at-Law – https://PositiveLaw.com

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