Adam (Bomb) Brenner | Andrew Rivers | 3 Phrases to Lose Arguments | Legal Pot – Bob & Zip w/Ed Kelly

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The guaranteed fool proof way to lose an argument. Every time. Do this and you will fail. Hint. Avoid these phrases: You never! You always! You should!

Bob and Lisa drive 500 miles to see the grandkids, and eat at a Chilis for the first time in their lives. A great waitress can make a so so restaurant magical.

Zip talks about things that used to be illegal. You know, like Pot and Gambling. Are these changes good? What else is illegal that could be legalized?

Ed Kelley met a lady in a thrift store. She approaches him with a French copy of some movie, and I realize that Liam Neeson is on the front and she says is anyone ever told you that you look just like this guy?

Back spasms. Why do they come out of nowhere and seem to hit 40 year olds the hardest?

Spike talks about how creativity won the day in SuperBowl commercials. And what would Jesus say about living in the modern world? Would he love paying 7 million dollars for a 30 second plug? Also, what if your iPhone was not made by Apple.

Plus Special Guests Andrew Rivers (@andrewjrivers) and Adam Brenner (aka Adam Bomb) – International Guitar Hero. He’s touring the US ad Europe ad has a string of upcoming shows in Seattle.

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Bonus round (EV Charging, Father Daughter Dance)

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