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A ‘Bob, Spike & Joe’ announcement, The Valley of Fire, The Pandemic is still messing things up, Ed is a movie star, Maple Syrup Update, Lisa scares the crap out of Bob!

Is it the ‘end of the internet’ as we know it today? The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments this week in two cases regarding Section 230 that could forever and profoundly alter online speech and content moderation.

Bob and Lisa took a short road trip to Valley Of Fire. Lisa drove. Bob is a terrible driver, but he’s only the 2nd worst driver in this marriage. How can anyone who can drive with their knees, eat, surf the web, and make videos in a moving vehicle say their husband scares them when he drives?

Ed Kelly is a Film Star. The life of a voice actor turned film actor. Auditions!

Attorney Shawn Alexander and Bob update you on Mark, our friend who wants to be back on the grid, and come clean with the IRS.

And: Things the pandemic is still doing to us!

Dr Laura still on the air. Still a ruthless bitch.

Zip Zipfel is fascinated that can be easily swayed, regardless of facts. He watches a lot of crime shows, and even if there’s a video tape of them committing a crime, a great attorney can create doubt. People who are obviously guilty are getting off, regardless of facts and evidence. How does this happen. A question for Shawn.

We’re all dealing with death. Does that mean we’re old, or is there more death? Spoiler alert. We’re old. How to handle it.

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