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We will make every possible effort to go deep, staying away from hackneyed talking points. If you hear one, call us out on it!

Let’s admit to all the lies we all swallow…. How the continuing thirst for click bait and fame has lowered our standards to previously unthinkable low levels of honesty. Wait, you think it’s only other people who are brainwashed?

Zip always looks on the bright side of life. After years of paying in, he’s finally costing Medicare real money. So cool!

Donald found liable for sexual assault that happened we’re not sure when, and ordered to pay millions. Are we starting to see enforcement of laws on the rich and powerful? Don’t bet too much on it. Look for a settlement while it’s on appeal. Billionaires only get speeding tickets.

If West Wing and Homeland had a baby it would be this new Netflix series called “The Diplomat”. It stars Keri Russell.

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