The Art of the Podcast | Behind the Scenes | Bob & Zip w/Ed Kelly

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Tonight we go deep on what kind of podcast we want to do. More intimate, honest and hopefully uplifting. Less current events. Not none, but less.

…Because these days a current event is stale in a day or two. And the ones that stay topical are aimed at the reptilian brain.

We reveal the author of the quote: A lie gets halfway around the world before “The Truth Gets Its Pants On”.

Bob and Zip, with Ed Kelly, Web Guru David Lee, and special guest Spike O’Neill take you backstage with some candid backstory on how we got here.

Bob has just finished a book that changed his life. The “War of Art” by Steve Pressfield. He’s on our guest wish list but you should just buy the book and read it.

Zip and Ed never married or had kids. Did they have more freedom? Bob and Spike try to make them cry. Ed comes close.

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