Bob, Spike and Joe – Dec 5, 2019

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Podcasts | 1 comment

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In episode 17 Bob, Spike and Joe return from Thanksgiving break to talk The Irishman and Netflix, cheap pizza, Joes trip to Vegas, Bob’s issues with Jeff Bezos and love of comedian Steven Wright, Spikes take on Portland rock band The Slants, a Twisted Christmas tune and lots of much appreciated listener feedback.

Note from Bob: “Why I think Jeff Bezos is Lord of an Evil Empire, and Bill Gates is an Angel. Since our discussion, Bill Gates has regained the Throne as the Richest Man in the World. And that’s after giving away 34 Billion dollars. Jeff Bezos is now number 2. Literally and figuratively. He makes Whole Food customers buy crackers for starving children, while Bill Gates saves millions of children from deadly diseases . It’s all in this week’s episode.”

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