Bob, Spike and Joe – Jun 30, 2020

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Podcasts | 1 comment

Audio Only:

This episode begins with a shocking announcement by Spike.

Then, buckle up. Shawn Alexander describes a few twists and turns we’re headed for on this Pandemic Rollercoaster.

Lastly, our dear friend Chuck Opperman said it would cheer him up if he could come on, live from his hospital room, where he’s fighting Covid-19. Double Pneumonia, Low blood oxygen… He’s in the serious (but not life threatening) category, and wants to share how he got it, and remind you all to be careful. What a great guy.

We wrap up with classic Bob Spike and Joe interviewing William Shatner, and Randy Backman live in Bob’s Garage.

Feel free to comment on anything you have heard or have suggestions for future episodes!

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