Bob, Spike, Joe & Zip – Thanksgiving 2022

by | Nov 25, 2022 | Podcasts | 1 comment

Audio Only:

Bob and Zip start the show with a delightful conversation with Downtown Joe Bryant, who has just returned from Las Vegas.

Zip talks with Joe about what he does for a living… empowering the next generation of broadcasters.

Is most audio content moving to add video, as we are planning to do? Joe says yes, but he needs a little time to get in shape for TV.

And we talk on purpose about Donald Trump (something we usually try to avoid). Topic: Is Fox News depriving him of political oxygen? Is the Republican establishment trying to squash him? Is he finished politically?

At this point Spike O’Neill joins the conversation and a hilarious hour ensues.

Has Taylor Swift reached superstar status, on the order of Elvis, Frank Sinatra and The Beatles? Side note: Bob feels totally screwed over by Ticketmaster.

How to fix Concert Ticket Sales once and for all, and why it will never happen.

Bob recommends a Hulu TV Show that he was reluctant to watch. Pam and Tommy has plenty of raw sex, and yes they don’t shy away from Tommy’s huge Rooster.

Joe reminds us that he has a part in #3 new Netflix show!

We close with what we’re grateful for in 2022, and the definitive Thanksgiving Twisted Tune, “It’s The Most Fattening Time Of The Year”, featuring Richard Simmons.

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