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Bob and Lisa host a support group of Esophageal Cancer survivors over for a five-day hangout. The group met on a Zoom chat about a year ago and have gotten close. Bob saw no need to check anyone’s pockets on departure.

Ever seen any Cirque du Soleil shows? Bob raves about ‘Michael Jackson One’ and how was a feast for the senses with the incredible surround sound and no-net acrobatics. Which leads to discussing Michael’s controversies and how the Vegas show made subtle reference through symbolism. Did MJ kinda get a pass?

After talking about the ‘KISW 90’s reunion’ that Joe attended & enjoyed seeing all the old faces.. The guys reminisce about Seattle’s grunge heyday in the early 90’s and talk about the current state of Seattle; homelessness, drug overdoses, graffiti, garbage and crime.

Joe teases he has something in common with Hollywood movie stars, which is the use of the diabetic drug, Ozempic, for weight loss. Hollywood discovered this and started using it off-label, leading to people paying thousands of dollars for it. Joe’s unsure of its effectiveness on him due to a high tolerance to drugs – and cuz.. eating – a lifelong habit that’s hard to break.

BSJ get some tips how to be better podcasters/hosts from an unlikely source.. the importance of accepting compliments graciously and expressing gratitude towards others. They touch on the difficulty of balancing listening and speaking when hosting a show and how this can sometimes cause hosts to come off as insensitive to compliments.

We re-spin a great clip o’yesteryear when Lewis Black ( @OfficialLewisBlack / https://www.lewisblack.com ) visited the studio. Black discusses his comedic style, which he describes as being an optimist who is let down by reality every day… his philosophy on socialism, his formal education in drama and Broadway plays.. one he wrote that never made to stage.

Joe visits family in Tucson. Southwest living is calling.

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