Month: September 2022

Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Sep 29, 2022

#186 | +Andrew Rivers | Alan White/Tribute Concert/*WhyHunger* | Oncologist from Hell | Tele-Scammed | Childless/Child-Free | Face for Radio | Parenting/Unconditional Love | GF Swaps | CBT | Familial Obligations | Never Sired | Good Dr/Bad Dr/Dr FuckUp | Jokes About Nothing | Prog Rock | Mmm Cheesesteak | Sssup Ed | Take the Bottle, Jesus |Twisted Tune: *Check Check Checkin into Betty Ford*

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Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Sep 20, 2022

#185| +Spike O’Neill| +Andrew Rivers| +Tami Asars| +Emily Maguire| NED Scan, But then…| Andrew- Blowin Up| Painsylvania| New England Charm| Release the Kraken| Trekking Poles| Grammy Nomination???| Post-Trail Depression| Mariners (almost) in the Playoffs| ‘Back when I did drugs…’| Sports Fan Psychology| Insect Chorus/Fresh Guacamole| Flippin Shit| E-Bikes| Costco Samples for Lunch| Twisted Tune: *Asshole Son*

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Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Sep 6, 2022

#184 | +Spike O’Neill | The New Industrial Revolution | Old White Guy Topics | Cobalt/Amber/Chocolate/Diamonds | Nubs Up! | Uncle Ed | Dory Monson | Can’t Quit Politics | Probiotics | Weed in the Red | Emily McGuire | Radio Beach | Lots of People are saying… | Spike’s Awesome Gig | KISW | Toe Jam | Twisted Tune: *What If God Smoked Cannabis* | Spike & The Impalers: *Waiting for the Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago*

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