Bob Rivers’ Twisted Christmas

Shuffle the entire Twisted Christmas Tunes library whenever you’re in the mood to feel jolly. Save your favorite tunes and shuffle them at your next party or holiday celebration.

You’ll enjoy classics like:

  • The Twisted Chipmunk Song
  • The 12 Pains Of Christmas
  • aking Care of Christmas
  • Hey, You! Get Off Of My House
  • Aquaclaus
  • We Wish You Weren’t Living With Us
  • It’s The Most Fattening Time of the Year
  • Walkin’ Round in Women’s Underwear
  • All You Need Is Elves
  • Me and Mrs. Claus
    … and many more!

Twisted Christmas songs are a fun twist on your favorite holiday classics – plus a few classic rock favorites. Carry them with you and you’ll be the life of the party anytime. Just turn on the Twisted Christmas stream, sit back and enjoy!

This app includes an iPhone app, an iPad app, and a customized Apple TV app. Connect to an AirPlay device and enjoy full, rich quality audio.

'Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas' - Mobile App for iOS